BEVORI Int. s r.o.

Our company was established in 1993 under the name Bevori Interiors . with two main lines of business : manufacturing of office furniture and providing warehousing , customs clearance and transports services based on Galvániho 2 / a , in Bratislava .

Considering the differences in both of activities came in 1997 to splitting up into two separate legal entities .Since this time , we have continued in innitially activity on the same place , but with new company name as Bevori International.

Since this time we have specialized our heading solely on improving bellow services in storage , customs clearance and transports . We have built an elaborate system structure and functioning of company we have focused mainly on high professionalism and complexity of services. We are an authorized holder of AEO approval for Simplified customs procedures / Security and safety.

During many years on the market we have gained a lot of experiences and we have learned that each case is unique . Fundamental emphasis is placed not only on speed and minimal delays in the various customs procedures , but mainly on the individual requests of our customers , flexibility and introduction of modern process . We always meticulously pay attention to the location. To be in the vicinity of a customs office branch,is for us very important, what help us for effective shortening times delays in customs clearance .

We are looking forward to you!

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Company address:

Bevori International s.r.o.
Staviteľská 7, 831 04 Bratislava

ID number: 35714581
VAT number: SK 2020265566


Company management: Peter Karpinský
+421 911 140 733,

Forwarding department: Branislav Húščava
+421 910 909 809,


Customs clearance department: Adriana Gombkötöová
+421 903 760 231,

Forwarding department: Róbert Škarba
+421 902 853 815,